Absent Apologies

“I’ve been fucked over too many times to be satisfied with anyone but myself. I know I should be apologetic for being so angry with the universe but, with the way the cards have been dealt, it’s hard to be anything but disappointed. I’m just disappointed.”


Dear Number Four

“The bar was crowded, I had too much to drink, and you were drunk off of your feelings for me. I knew the kiss would hurt you but, in that moment, I didn’t give a shit. I wanted attention and you were the one offering it to me. I’m sorry.”

I Mistook Your Lust for Love

“What we had was no poetry. No, it was parked cars, bruised lips, and love bites that were never made with much love at all. It was all mistaken emotions and drunken affection. And I should’ve known better. I really should’ve. But my feelings for you took over like a virus, resistant to any medication or common sense. So when you left with that stupid car, you took my pride and any hope of treatment with you.”

3:54 am

“I remember the lighting of the room the most. More than his touch, or the kisses, or the terror. I commented on it while he was kissing his way down my neck and into my nightmares. I had to say something to distract myself or else I would have started screaming at the thought of what he was doing to me. There was so much darkness, I couldn’t understand it. The blinds were open and the street lamps were right outside the windows. There should have been more light. Why wasn’t there more light?”

Constellations of a Forever

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m not the one who is supposed to end up with the boy who looks at me like I hold galaxies behind my eyes and solar systems behind my smile. I’m not supposed to have a forever with the boy who makes me feel like a supernova, bursting with light, every time his lips touch mine, who brings me to the edge of the universe and makes me believe that maybe there is something just beyond the scope of our understanding. Because I was never the one who was supposed to end up with something this permanent. And I should really just start counting the stars while I wait for this to pass. But, one day, I hope I run out of stars.”

The River That Ran Through My Chest

“And as I stood in that river, knee-deep in water cold enough to freeze every insecurity, every doubt, every moment of anger, of anguish, of anxiousness,

I realized none of it mattered.

Not the sleepless nights nor the tears, the heartbreak, the smiles, the laughs, not even the love.


Except for that moment.

Because for once in my life, my normally roaring soul sat calm and quiet in my chest. And I found myself comforted by the soft words of the water and the whispers of the wind.

Though I was standing there by myself, I knew I wasn’t alone.

None of us really are.”