Ars Poetica

“I met you in the early morning
Of a cold, January day.
At first meeting,
You seemed friendly and sweet.
I thought you might be the one,
The one I will find release in.
I never realized how wrong I could be.

The first few weeks were pure bliss,
Words flowing easily between us.
I even claimed you were my love
Because of how perfectly we fit.
However, like all great things,
The world finds a way to rip it apart,
Rip the love from growing too strong.

Soon, all our conversations
became forced, then deafly silent.
And I screamed in the dead of night
at the thought of having to see you again,
Of having to claim you as my own.
That’s when I knew we were broken and
Our relationship was never going to last.

So, dear love, this is my final goodbye.
These past few months have been spent
Carving our existence into papers and hearts.
And though the carvings will continue to last
Our relationship meets its end, here, tonight.
I can not say I regret our hurt or even our love
But when the ink runs out, it’s time to throw away the pen.”


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